The Enfeild Poltergeist

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 Enfield Poltergiest


The original name of this case is really misleading. (The Enfield Poltergeist)  There are no poltergeists.

One continuous theme you will find not only in this case, but many reported hauntings is the paranormal happenings in a series of threes. Three knocks, Three scratches, etc. Three pm is when Christ died on the cross. Three am is the mocking hour for demons. They also mock the Trinity in this way. There are no poltergeists or ghosts, demons want you to believe this.

Demons can impersonate voices and can appear to you as anything they want....even your grandmother who passed on. Don't fall for it. Their every intent is to destroy people especially the family unit, and faith.

Whitley Strieber - in Communion recounts a time in his upstate New York cabin when he's visited by 'aliens'. It begins with a triad of odd knocking sounds.

Among other alleged phenomena they witnessed was Janet speaking using her false vocal folds for hours on end while she was apparently possessed by another entity. Speaking in this way is believed to be medically impossible.


When speaking with the false cords Janet said she was "Bill" who had died in the house of a brain hemorrhage. The "Bill" persona habitually made jokes and exhibited a very nasty temper, swearing at Maurice, once calling him a "fucking old sod".

Grosse was contacted by a man who claimed to be Bill's son, who had, in fact, died in the way the voice described. Recordings were made of these occurrences. After the BBC went to the house the recording crew found the metal inside of the recording machines bent, and recordings erased.



The Enfield Poltergeist Janet Hodgson 2012 on this morning. Janet is obviously disturbed by the entire incident, and rarely gives interviews.

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