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Famous Modern Ghost Stories

Author: Various Edited by Emily Dorothy Scarborough (1878-1935)
Pages: 68
Copyright: © no longer copyrighted, Public Domain


The more man knows of natural laws, the keener he is about the supernatural. He may claim to have laid aside superstition, but he isn't to be believed in that. Though he has discarded witchcraft and alchemy, it is only that he may have more time for psychical research; true, he no longer dabbles with ancient magic, but that is because the modern types, as the ouija board, entertain him more. He dearly loves to traffic with that other paranormal world of which he knows so little and concerning which he is so curious...




 Nothing Better than Death

Author: Kevin R. Williams
Pages: 240
Copyright: © 2002 by Kevin R. Williams.Feel free to distribute this free ebook as you will. The author requests that the contents not be altered in any way.


In 1975, Dannion was talking on the phone during a thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning hit the phone line, sending thousands of volts of electricity into his head and down his body. His heart stopped, and he died, but in the process, he had an NDE. When he revived in the morgue after twenty-eight minutes of death, he had an incredible story to tell.

The NDE reveals our universe to be merely one dimension out of many. The universe is a part of a vast university of discovery where we come to learn important lessons for soul growth. Experiencers learn from their experience this profound fact: life is God. Everything of which life consists is God. To know that life is God, is to know how very special life is. We must be very careful how we treat things in life because how we treat things is how we treat God. Do we destroy life or do we respect it? Do we nurture life or do we abuse it? Do we value life or do we take it for granted?.


Near-Death Summaries
Research Conclusions
Questions and Answers
NDEs and Religion




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