Man says he has audio proof of Bigfoot

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LEXINGTON, MO (KCTV) - One man said he now believes Bigfoot or Sasquatch is roaming remote areas of the United States, including an area in Missouri not that far from Kansas City. What Scott Nelson hears in his headphones is strange, disturbing and unexplainable. "Yes, I've heard him speak. And you will hear him speak here in a moment," Nelson said when asked if he thinks Bigfoot exists.

Nelson retired from the Navy after a 17-year career as a crypto-linguist, intercepting Russian communications and decoding them. Currently, he is a professor at Wentworth College in Missouri. "Because of what I did in the Navy, spending years and several thousand hours speeding the human voice up and slowing it down,

I could just detect language in those vocalizations," he said. The vocalizations were captured on audiotape in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains by a group of hunters in the early 70s. Nelson came across them a few years ago while helping his son write a paper on Bigfoot. "I said, 'Stevie there's language here.

' He said, 'Dad, how can that be? It sounds like a bunch of apes fighting to me.' I said, 'We have to slow it down, like dad used to do in the Navy." When that happened, Nelson said he instantly knew three things about the sounds he was hearing. No. 1, he was hearing a language; No. 2, it was not human; and No. 3, it was not fake.

It was at that point Nelson became a Bigfoot believer and researcher. "The number of reports have increased; it's becoming more and more accepted for people to come out and say, 'I had this strange experience, it terrified me and I need to talk about it,'" he said. In fact, Bigfoot has never been bigger. There seems to be new, amateur video of Sasquatch turning up more frequently.

The most famous, of course, is the Patterson film made in 1967. Skeptics say each and every one of the videos is fake. But Nelson said not only is Bigfoot real, he's right in our backyard. "A big, gigantic, hairy wildman,"

Nelson said. "Throughout Missouri, the reports go back over 100 years." Nelson said there have been numerous reports of Bigfoot activity up and down the Missouri River Corridor. "There are two places in Missouri, one right here, 10 minutes away, called Monkey Mountain.

Now, there's a reason pioneers called it Monkey Mountain," he said. Nelson offered to take KCTV5's Brad Stephens to the nearby location where he said there has been a lot of Bigfoot activity and Stephens has accepted. The result of their trip will be featured in next Wednesday's Faces of Kansas City segment airing in the 10 p.m. news.

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