A Bottomless Pit on Earth

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Mel Waters formerly lived nine miles outside Ellensburg, Washington, and claimed that he had found a geographical anomaly—basically, a bottomless pit. Supposedly, Waters determined that the hole went on for more than fifteen miles, which he estimated after spooling out 18 reels of fishing line (tied end on end) into it. Moreover, he told the story of a man "who dropped the remains of his deceased dog's body down the hole," only to then see his same dog shortly thereafter.

While there are aspects of Mel's stories that seem farfetched or fabricated, several other people have claimed to have seen the hole as well; yet surprisingly, not one has been able to pinpoint its exact location. The general area it's said to lie in is nearby the Yakima Training Center—a military base—making access difficult. Thus, it's time that we really investigate Mel's Hole and get to the "bottom" of it.

Bottomless Pit

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