Strange Cases of People Walking off the face of the Earth

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Missing 411 is a book by David Paulides that need not be over looked or ever forgotten. The book is about missing people in North America and Canada that have been unsolved and unexplained. The book goes into each individual case and describes the scenario and facts of what happened. Some people vanish and then are found later with strange facts surrounding the circumstances.

Others are never found and the book highlights on the events in honor of these missing people, a lot who are taken from National Parks. The National Parks cover it up and do not maintain lists of these missing people or let it be known to the public. When David Paulides and company tried to get them to compile a list they wanted over a million dollars to do so.

The book tries not to offer reasons or how these people vanished but evidence putting together a peculiar puzzle of how it happened. No one knows what happened to these people. Some would speculate common facts like kidnappers etc but as you read more and more into the book you begin to wonder if its something supernatural or even weird. But David never goes into this on his radio appearances or in the book in honor of the families who are having to go through these tragedies.

Is Sasquatch eating our kids? Please take note that David Paulides never claims that's Sasquatches are doing this. Sasquatch have been abducting and eating native American women & children for thousands of years. Almost ALL native American tribes consider them as cannibalistic in nature and not to be trifled with.

Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture. Sasquatch are hairy and very human like in the face. Their eyes glow greenish in a flashlights and car lights, and moon eye-shine.

Sasquatch are same in size, hair, and large feet. But they are more ape/monkey like in the face. They sometimes cover them self's in mud and leaf liter to camouflage them self. Their eyes glow orange-reddish in a flashlights and car lights, and moon eye-shine.

Maybe the Sasquatch bred with native American women they've abducted over the years and now we have more human looking beings, know as a Sasquatch.

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