The Boy who lived Twice

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Little Cameron Macaulay was a typical six-year-old, always talking about his mum and family. He liked to draw pictures of his home too - a long single-storey, white house standing in a bay. But it sent shivers down his mum's spine - because Cameron said it was somewhere they had never been, 160 miles away from where they lived. And he said the mother he was talking about was his "old mum." Convinced he had lived a previous life Cameron worried his former family would be missing him. The Glasgow lad said they were on the Isle Of Barra.

Boy Who Lived Twice

"Ever since Cameron could speak he's come up with tales of a childhood on Barra. "He spoke about his former parents, how his dad died, and his brothers and sisters. "Eventually we just had to take him there to see what we could find. "It was an astonishing experience."

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