Near Death Experiences

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Near Death Experiences - Personal Heaven Accounts by nanaov


This clip has a blind woman who sees again during her near death experience. What happens when we die? Well, none of us will ever know until we die ourselves. I personally believe that we all serve a higher purpose [but that is just me]. Is that a product of my upbringing, or a part of my brain telling me the human race is somehow special? I will tell you no. Atheists would adamantly say 'of course'. Part of the reason I created this site, is there are so many things in this world that do NOT have satisfactory explanations.

I've run across atheists on the internet who fervently believe that when we die that is it. We cease to exist. They believe in evolution and some enjoy arguing with Christians on the net. I believe it takes faith to be an atheist as well. How could it not? The belief is over billions of years humans evolved from fish all the up through apes. That does not explain how the universe [multiverse?] itself came into existence. How does life arise from nothingness?

There is no known scientific law that would allow one kind of creature to turn naturally into a completely different kind. Insects don't evolve into more complex non-insects for instance, because they don't have the genes to do it.

. Mutations and natural selection do not show gain in information, just rearrangement or loss of what is already there.

One group of atheists are easy to find, and usually religious folk who should not be arguing the cause for God usually call in.

If you examine the biographies of the people on this show, you will find a couple that were raised in a Southern Baptist homes and were fundamentalist Christians for long periods of time. I believe forced indoctrination is not the way to go when dealing with religion, churches, etc. One must make up their own mind. Not have someone screaming at them about God in a church. Those acts are just insulting to one's intelligence.

Do you think when we die, that is it?

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