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Updated Nov 10, 2012


Black Mass Found on Security Camera

The paranormal team had reportedly stayed until 3:30 am Nov 9, 2012 in the location where this was seen in Omaha Nebraska. I left my own video equipment there with an additional camera, and also recorded audio over a 12 hour stretch in the area of the activity seen.  I am currently analyzing this data which will take days.

The previous article has startled and amazed a good number of people here. What I find interesting is that the event on camera was not able to be reproduced, and has been analyzed with forensic software with inconclusive results. In other words, we are unsure what was caught on the camera the night of October 23, 2012 at 4 and again at 6 am when no one was in the building.

I am getting conflicting reports from various people about divination (or the consulting of spirits) inside this building who formerly worked here. There are reports of ouija boards in use, but denied as untrue by others. I only care about the paranormal aspect of this, and there is no blame game or pointing of fingers here. When I ask certain persons involved, or reported to be involved, about ouija board use, it is vehemently denied, but also stated that if the person involved wanted to use her powers, that those of us under that attack would suffer greatly.

To me this confirms what Ive heard about black magic, wicca, and possible ouija board use, whether on the property or not is not as important when analyzing what this is all about. When I initially caught this black, partly solid, partly transparent object on the security camera, I had no idea any of the employees here were into divination and or other religions. Nor did I know about anyone claiming to have 'powers' or such.

I am not sure what one should think about threats from 'powers' given over by dark spirits. One thing that does come to mind, is that demons, Satan, and such are on the losing side.

We will be recording and watching for activity tonight with the paranormal team.

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