Spooky SKULL caught on camera below NYC Subway Train Where Woman Dies

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Kids were on uptown express train leaving 96th Street station on Monday
The 2, 3 or 5 train was leaving the Upper West Side station around 6pm
An image of what appears to be a skull can be seen underneath the train 
Woman from the Bronx was killed by 1 train under the 207 Street station

Three kids were pictured hitching a ride on the back of a subway car on Monday evening and some people claim to see a spooky skull in the photo.
The children were on the back of an uptown express train leaving the station at 96th Street around 6pm, about 100 blocks below where a woman fell to her death onto the tracks earlier in the day.
It may have been a 2, 3 or 5 train that was leaving the Upper West Side station.

Skull image on subway train, woman dies
A concerned commuter, Sean Futterman, snapped a photo of the kids and sent it to the West Side Rag.


Skull under subway train
Futterman, a real-estate broker in Manhattan, yelled at the kids to get off the train, PIX 11 reported.


Skull under subway train
The children responded with laughs and curses as the train sped off.

No police officers were in the station at the time, according to Futterman.
He said the skull image in his photo is could just be a trick of the light, but did admit to noticing  'something strange underneath the subway car'.
MTA official Kevin Ortiz was shown the photo.
After seeing it, he said: 'Stupidity knows no bounds.'
Earlier in the day, a 54-year-old woman who was trying to move between subway cars was hit by a train after she slipped and fell to the tracks below.
Lorraine Ogarro of the Bronx was on a 1 train headed downtown when she fell off near the 207 Street station in Inwood around 10.30am, according to the New York Post.
She was pronounced dead at the scene.


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