The Patterson Bigfoot Stabilized

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This is the famous Patterson footage of bigfoot shot on October 20th, 1967 stabilized with today's technology.

Bigfoot Stabilized

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were on riding horseback when suddenly they were able to film a sasquatch with a 16-mm camera loaded with a 100 foot reel of Kodachrome II film. The film shows a female sasquatch - breasts are evident in parts of the clip - walking due north along a sandbar in broad daylight; according to Patterson at 1:30pm in the afternoon on a Friday.

It is the only film evidence to date that is corroborated with tracks plus anatomical details and motion of the filmed sasquatch is consistent with other digitally enhanced film analysis. With the gait, length of stride, locomotion and general biomechanics of the sasquatch, the general science communities by a 9 to 1 margin call the film authentic but not the story behind it.

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