Do You Believe in the Devil?

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1987 Exorcism by Bishop Mckenna.


The YouTube video below has been around since Jan 2, 2009. It offers very little in the way of usable information regarding the recording. I decided to look into this further. It appears to be a small clip that does no justice to the complete audio tape. I locateddemon possessed the full exorcism tape from 1987. It is a very poor quality tape. 1987 might as well be another planet than from today. I put the low quality tape through my processing software, and was able to export it into a 320kps file with background noise hiss removed as much as possible. The results are impressive in my opinion, compared to the original.


However, the quality still leaves much to be desired as the original recording was poor to begin with.


No other alterations to this tape have been made, other than clearing the background noise out to make what is being spoken easier to hear. There are anomalous sounds in this tape in my opinion. Even if a person was simply mentally ill, I question the ability of a human to make these eerie noises. Listen for the abnormally drawn out cries, and decide for yourself.



This file is 82.7 MB


You may also Right click and 'save as' then play the file from your hard drive.


26:00 - 26:20 - very odd, from coughing to abnormal cry. The woman being exorcised goes from normal speaking to screams from the devil in an instant.


Approximately 30:00 forward;


Pig like noises in portions of the tape.


"She's mine"


Spitting at the crucifix

Audacity running on Linux used to process this old tape recording.


video clip

Short audio clip from a real exorcism performed by Bishop Mckenna in 1987.

YouTube video posted in 2009 by user mhfm1.

Do You believe in the Devil? No matter....for he believes in You.

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