Poltergeist: Unseen Unnerving Entities

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Old Haunted Farm House

Late in 1934, news of eerie and mysterious goings-on in the village began to circulate in the North of Ireland. A family there had become the center of the unnatural activity of a vicious and violent ghost which appeared to have attached itself mainly to the 10 year old daughter of the family.(An odd similarity to the Enfield poltergeist)

The invisible entity threw things about, broke artifacts in the house and tormented the girl with raps and knocks when she lay down to sleep at night. From time to time it pinched and pulled her hair as she slept, sometimes leaving red marks and weals on her skin.

So widespread was the story, that it eventually reached the Dublin newspapers and one - the prestigious Irish Times - decided to send a reporter to investigate. He was J. P. Donnelly (his name is sometimes given locally as Donaghy) and he had taken a particular interest in the story which, he suspected, might be some sort of hoax. He traveled north to Articlave, which in 1934 was something of an undertaking. He arrived in the village early in the evening, just as a storm was gathering over the distant horizon.

The house was not too hard to find - a plain, two story building, set a little bit back from the main road at the end of a rutted lane. The poltergeist activity had increased, household articles were allegedly moving around the rooms of their own accord, glass lamp globes were tossed around with reckless abandon, plates were broken, and the girl was pinched and bitten by the unseen entity.

The young daughter was shy, intelligent, and a rather plain looking girl, no different from other children her age. The family was Presbyterian, and were not interested in the talk of ghosts or the supernatural.

A number of people had gathered in the farm house to keep vigil with the family, since these disturbances began occurring. Donnelly stated that if it was a trick being played, it was difficult to tell who was playing it, or what the motive would be. They sat in a kitchen lit by lamps and warmed by the blaze of a fire which cast strange and monstrous shadows around the room, talking of crops and weather - anything but the paranormal.

The chat went on until about midnight, when one by one, the neighbors drifted away to their own homes, and 3 elders from the local church arrived to take over the vigil. The conversation became more serious, and was interspersed with prayers from the Bible.

Outside the storm broke, lightning flashed in the distance and the wind howled around the chimneys of the house. The reporter and his companions began to doze off in the heat of the dying fire.

About 5 am, the men were awakened by a noise from the stairs. They went to check on 'Laura's' bedroom, where the girl lay in bed just below the room's only window. The room was lit by two candles. Her mother sat by the foot of the bed.

Then the knocking started.

It began as a low, clear persistent sound, exactly like knuckles rapping against woodwork or the sound of a carpenter's hammer against a piece of planking. It seemed to move around, coming from various places in the room at different times and it seemed to maintain a steady and regular rhythm - both single and double taps, sometimes loud, but sometimes falling away again. Gradually it began to quicken, becoming angry and impatient hammering before falling into a steady tempo once more. It was unnerving.

The reporter looked around for anything that might be creating the sound, something wooden, within reach of one of the others but could see nothing. He tried to locate the source of the sound, but it would constantly move away from the location being checked. There seemed to be no logical explanation, a tree branch outside, a bird tapping at the window, or anything.

Donnelly was shaken by this unnatural experience, and left immediately. No explanation was ever found for the ghostly activities, and this case remains unsolved. 'Laura' died several years ago, and old woman still living near Articlave, and was not troubled by any further poltergeist activity.


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