Poltergeist Drives Girl to Suicide

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The Jaboticabal case took place in the 1960's in Jaboticabal, Brazil. The cause of the disturbances identified itself as an angry spirit who was taking revenge on the victim, an 11-year-old girl.  The haunting started in 1965 when bricks fell into the home of Maria Jose Ferreira. The bricks seemed to come from nowhere.

After several days of falling bricks, the family believed an evil spirit was present. They called a priest to do an exorcism, but it only made things worse. Bricks and stones continued to crash throughout the house, followed by eggs, dishes, other household objects, and even furniture. Poor Maria was the center of the attacks.

She was slapped, bruised, and bitten by unseen attackers. Once she was attacked with needles that suddenly appeared embedded in her skin. One day while she was eating her lunch at school, her clothing began to smolder. After a year of unrelenting attacks, Maria was taken to a medium.

The medium said she was the victim of an angry ghost who claimed that in a previous life, Maria had been a witch who had killed the person. The ghost pledged to make Maria suffer. No remedies stopped the attacks. Five years after the problems started, Maria was found dead of poisoning; she is believed to have ended her own misery. All the poltergeist activity stopped after Maria's death.

Haunted Girl

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