Satanic Norwegian Black Metal

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In the mid nineties, these black metal groups were involved in over a dozen christian church burnings, as well as the murder of "Mayhem" guitarist who was stabbed 23 times in the face, neck, and back.


Quote from "Gaahl" lead singer of the satanic black metal group Gorgoroth - "Christianity is based ....only on story. Souls, lifes, and so of course....every trace of them should be erased."



Here you will find "Gaahl" speaking about his homosexuality.

"Gaahl" is quite the thespian.

Many so called Satanists laugh at theistic Satanists or the idea that they believe in an actual dark being of ultimate evil. Many Satanists claim to worship themselves, and claim to have no belief in such a ridiculous being as Satan. This is similar to the story of the 'heterosexual' married man who has gay sex 'just to relieve stress'. He is supposedly, not gay. Thus a Satanist who practices Satanism does not really believe such ridiculous things.

Satan, and satanists are liars. The intellectual satanist likes to blind you with words and phrases while he talks in circles to prove that he is smarter than you. The fact of the matter is, satanists are on the losing side. There is a world agenda regarding satanism, but it is not in the above shown, out in the open kind. It is a behind the scenes, new world order that is pushing mankind towards one world government, one world religion, and one world economic system, where no man will be able to buy or sell unless they worship the beast.

The out in the open kind shown here is theater, and is for the purposes of making black metal bands have some small level of power through attainment of money in their performances of outrageous acts on stage.

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