Main lines in Palmistry

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palm lines

Life line

The length and character of the line represents the level of vital energy. Person's ability to resist disease and unfavorable outward circumstances. Change in its direction reflects changes in the life of a person.

A long and clear Life line represents a large amount of living forces, health of a person.
A short line represents a lack of energy, physical unsound state.

A break in the lines on one hand - disease and fast recovery, a break on the both hands means serious disease.

Branches rising up out of it mean sound health; branches down of it mean financial trouble and bad health.

The beginning of the line on Jupiter represents high ambitions and aspiration to success.
The line starts from Mind line speaks that a person is used to pondering over his every step.
If the beginning is much lower than Mind line it means insufficient self-control. Branches of Life line rising to Jupiter represents high self - conceit and self - assurance.

If the end of line is forked and one of the branches ends on the Moon it points at numerous distant journeys.

Head line (Mind line)

The length of this line characterizes the level of intellect. Aptitude to assimilate and perceive information and also use intellectual potential.

A straight line crossing a whole palm means practical person and good organizing abilities.
It also indicates that a person has his feet firm on the ground and does not build 'castles in the air".

A straight and long Mind line represents good memory and ability to make and follow plans. A break in the line indicates an incident, influencing on the state of mind.

As a rule, little breaks indicate changes in intellectual potential but of less significance than a clear printed break.

In the case if Head line starts from Life line slightly touching it, it is a sign of sensibility, balance in character.

If a line starts far from the Life line is a sign of independence and initiative. Also it represents some direct force or energy and forces that can be wasted.

If the beginning is on the distance from Life line it represents a high excitement.

Heart line


A long, curved situated on some distance from fingers line represents kindness, sensitiveness and disposition to outward effects.

A longer and stronger line than Mind line represents that deeds of a person are determined by his impulse of heart but not of mind. A straight line indicates such qualities as concealment, and raised interest to his own personality. A short and weak line represents inability to profound, deep love. A broken line shows aspiration to flirt.

A very long, deep placed nearer to the fingers line represents that a person is jealous and his owner's attitude to his lover. An unclear line indicates big trouble in the emotional sphere. In the case if a line has many branches a person you meet is a bright, dynamic personality.

Destiny line

The absence of Destiny line is a sign of a calm, peaceful life without any adventures. A straight and unbroken line is a sign of successful unburden life. Breaks, dotted lines represent thrilling periods combined with periods of trouble and misfortune.

In the case if a line consists of individual elements covered each other positive changes can be expected in the future.

Short incisions on the line symbolize obstacles. In the case if a hill touches the Saturn - a person lives within the bounds of his possibilities.

A curved line round the Jupiter represents a person has to achieve success relying on his own forces.

If a line starts from Head and Heart lines the success will be achieved at the end of his life.

If a line starts from Life line a point of break signifies the new period of independent life.

The beginning of a line from bracelets represents that a person has a sense of responsibility since his early childhood.

The beginning of line from the Moon represents a variety of life, numerous trips and travels.

If a line starts from the Venus and ends by the Saturn it represents a happy, cheerful childhood and also can predict a large inheritance.

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