Witness Reports UFO Sighting in Orange County California

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Report Submitted by a witness to MUFON database June 18, 2015, Incident occurred June 17, 2015 in Orange County, California.


I was in my back yard in Orange, CA, on the evening of June 17, 2015, when I began to notice a grouping of seven unusual lights to the north. They were already fairly high in the sky when first noticed so I cannot say definitely that they ascended from the ground or descended to the ground.

Orange County California UFOs

My first thought was that some idiots had let off some Japanese lanterns and I thought that was really stupid in this weather. But then I noticed that they seemed to move on their own volition and appeared to move around each other too. I also had the feeling they were farther away than what I had thought: but they were as bright as the aircraft coming into John Wayne Airport.


All of the points of light were the same brightness. I decided then to go get my phone and take a picture; when I came back, though, they were not in the sky. But within a minute or two they were back, only 5 this time, and seemed to appear out of nowhere.


Orange County California UFOs


They hovered and a few played tag with each other, then a couple were gone and only 3 remained, hovering stationary for a few moments, then they were just gone. I did not see them zoom off or leave, they just weren't there.

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