The UFO Reporting Database June 24, 2015

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The number of reports to the MUFON database continues to grow daily with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. A couple of those reports are shown here.


  • Case - 67033
  • UFO Sighting Date Reported - June 24, 2015
  • Short Description - Large Ship Viewed in the Sky - Date of Event - June 23, 2015
  • City, State - Auburn, Washington USA


I was just driving down the road and I saw this ship like thing in the sky. The video has cursing in it I do apologize for that, we were very scared. The video stopped recording on its own and before we could start it again the ship was gone. 

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1963 UFO Encounter and Possible Abductions


Case Submitted June 24, 2015


I did not know who to send my information too hoping I am in the right direction. Thank You

Here goes I am 55 7/24/59. This all started when I was 4 Yrs. old in 1963. I lived in Barboursville, WV. One night we saw a light over the train tracks of our house. My Dad was in the USAF during the Korean War and we would sit outside on the porch and look for shooting stars. We saw this bright light and he thought it was a shooting star but all of the sudden it stopped and turned directions and came at our house.


It stopped over our house but was too high to see what it was other than a bright light that changed colors. This was the first time, the next time I was 8 and my Uncle was a Major in the USAF stationed in Coco Beach FLA. We would go on vacation and he would invite us to their house to watch the rocket shots that they would launch from there. We had been there quit awhile listening to the countdown was way cool at the age of 8. At about T Minus 30 the countdown was interrupted.


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